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Schar – Pan Rustico (Brown Bread)

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To make the best gluten-free “brown” bread in the world, Schär’s master bakers use only select raw materials. Schär master bakers have the very highest level of expertise in their craft. No preservatives or artificial additives are used in the bread, which is made with carefully selected high quality ingredients, including traditional grains from premium cereals such as sorghum – a traditional African grain, or quinoa – used by the Mayas. This is reflected in the great taste of Schär’s Pan Rustico, without compromise!

Net Weight: 250g

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Water, maize starch, sourdough 16%(rice flour, water), rice flour, vegetable fibre (psyllium), linseed 2%, soya flakes 2%, thickener: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; sunflower oil, soy protein, yeast, millet flakes 1%, salt, sorghum flour 1%, sugar, citrus fibre, caramelized sugar.


Gluten Free
Lactose Free


    Energy:                                  226 Kcal
    Protein:                                  3.8 g
    Carbohydrates:                     44 g
    of which Sugars:                    6.3 g
    Total Fat:                                2.4 g
    Dietary Fiber:                        6.7 g

9 reviews for Schar – Pan Rustico (Brown Bread)

  1. gkutty

    Freshly baked gluten free brown bread is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Pan Rustico is made using the finest ingredients to be extra special, so we hope you will enjoy eating. Pan Rustico Bread is the perfect option for a healthy meal. Topped with sorghum and Quinoa a mixture of various healthy ingredients!

  2. suresh

    Very good brown bread for persons with gluten allergy.Don’t contain any preservatives / additives

  3. Neha Saxena

    Very nice bread, tastes amazing and soft. A must try product! 10/10 for this one.

  4. pravinbagde84

    Very Good product for special needs people.Reasonable price in brown bread range with 5 months shelf life.

  5. munish.sabharwal1986

    One of the best Italian bread with 5 months self life. Great in taste , softness and texture . Easy to carry and store . Made with finest ingredients.

  6. ndevkar

    Nice product have a good taste ,soft bread. Must try gluten allergy people.

  7. purefoods_customer (verified owner)

    My husband is celiac , I get this bread from him all the time now he is enjoying sandwitches, Pao Bhaji and burgers etcectra . All of you gluten free or celiac give it a try …..

  8. purefoods_customer

    Best bread in the world for Celiacs

  9. gary.2020

    Bought this bread today, I coudn’t believe that its Gluten Free, as it is so soft and delicious. Makes a perfect breakfast sandwich.

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