PureFoods is a result of my husband’s twenty year long struggle dealing with gluten & lactose intolerance, also known as celiac disease. Having seen first-hand the challenges and suffering caused by his dietary restrictions ....... 

I have made it my mission to improve the lives of all individuals with digestive issues caused by gluten & lactose intolerance

My family spent several years living in the United States & Europe where we found it significantly easier to deal with these allergies due to increased awareness and abundant availability of tasty and high quality gluten & lactose free food items.

Since moving back home to India, it has been a challenge finding quality gluten and lactose free products that meet high standards of purity, hygiene, and taste. After spending several years researching the food market in India, and another couple of years formulating strategies to provide the highest level of purity and hygiene, we decided to launch PureFoods in India and neighbouring countries.

In addition to providing high quality gluten & lactose free foods that also taste great, PureFoods is committed to create a sense of trust in its consumers to enjoy its products freely.

A fitness freak with PostGraduate in Chemistry
Director - Purefoods

Rishabh Jain is in his second year of undergraduate with economics as major.

Rishabh is lactose intolerant and avoids all dairy products. He is a fitness freak and passionate about outdoor sports.

Rohan Jain is pursuing final year of international Business management from US.

Rohan avoids dairy and is an outdoor sports enthusiast.

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